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Artificial Christmas Trees

If you're looking for an artificial Christmas tree, let us help you find the right fit.  Christmas trees offer many heights, styles, and lighting options, but we can match a tree to your particular needs and decorating style. Our trees come from a coveted artificial Christmas tree manufacturer, who's been in business for over 45 years.

artificial Christmas treeWhat do you need to know to buy a Christmas tree?

1. Height

How high are your ceilings?  Would you like to use a tree topper?  If so, you'll need a tree that's at least half a foot shorter than your ceiling.

2. Width

How much room do you have for the tree?  It's important to measure your space, just in case the tree you covet in the store won't actually fit in your living room. If you don't have much space, you might need a pencil tree.

3. Style

How many ornaments do you like to use? What kind of tips do you like? Do you like a very bright tree? If you have plenty of ornaments and like to use ribbons or silks, then you need a Christmas tree with adequate gaping. The tree needs to have enough room for all the ornaments. Still, a good quality Christmas tree won't let you see through the tree to the trunk. If you only have a select few family ornaments, it's probably better to have a fuller tree with more tips.

4. Lighting Options

Do you prefer pre-lit trees?  Non-lit trees are often cheaper, but you'll spend lots of time putting up the lights yourself. Our trees have a patented lighting style, that creates a more evenly dispersed and brighter tree.  You could also opt for a multi-colored tree, which adds a fun or homespun glow.

5. Look and Feel - Stop by!

Drop in and see the trees in person, and ask us for advice. There's normally an unspoken charm to a particular prelit tree. Christmas trees are the center of the home during the holidays, and we routinely enjoy helping families find that perfect addition.

Have a question? Comment? Contact us!