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4 Reasons to love the Valhalla Teak Table

1. "Set it and forget it"

Teak's high oil content means that it's...

  • Rot resistant
  • Bug resistant
  • Extremely solid and strong

2. It's treated.

The table is pretreated with a vigorous protectant solution, so you don't have to worry about spills (like ketchup from your burger or old bay from a crab feast).

3. It's pre-aged.

Kingsley-Bate removed the waiting game and pre-aged the teak table in factory conditions. Overtime, sunlight (UV rays) naturally converts the tan hues of teak into a silver-grey color. Normally, it takes about two years in full sun.

4. It's just gorgeous.

Kingsley-Bate's silver teak table gracefully combines the solidity of a farmhouse table with the refinement of a cape cod cottage. However, you can easily place a custom order with any color cushions you like, and even different style chair to match your patio or surrounding.

Love teak but not ready to go grey? Don't worry, we carry many other tables that lack the pre-aged style.