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Buying a Fireplace Door

Finding your Perfect Fireplace Glass Door

Custom Glass Doors are made to order, some are even handmade in the U.S.A. and Canada. Each of our brands has it's own set of finishes and fixtures, so be ready to spend a little time to nail down a favorite.

Before you drive out to our store in Frederick, jot down if your fireplace is square, arched, or another shape. (If it's "another" shape, it might help to draw a picture or snap a photo). With custom doors, you can choose between finishes such as brass, steel and copper. You'll also get to chose final touches like "antiqued" or "brushed." You can even choose the handles and hinges like the ones below. If you don't know what you like, we have in-store samples so you can imagine what it will look like.

Don't know what will work best?  We can help.  Remember some colors of your room, or even better -- take a picture of your fireplace and the surrounding room. The brick or stone will help us discover what finish will look best. Bring it on your phone or iPad, or email us at

We'll Come Measure

Nearly all fireplace doors are made to order, because "standard" fireplaces are very rare. Even the "standard" sizes often have irregularities due to material such as brick or stone.

For most, it's easiest to let us come measure for you. After choosing your favorite style, you'll make a small deposit on the order, and we'll set up a time to come measure your fireplace within seven days.  After we successfully install your frame, you complete the payment and put your feet up in front of the fire.

If something doesn't fit when we try to install, we'll make sure it is corrected, and we'll reinstall for free. No work for you, no dirty footprints, and no headaches.

Pricing Glass Doors

Unfortunately, because it's custom, we can't give you a straight answer on price. Like most things, increasing custom elements increases the price.  As a general estimate, expect anywhere from $499 - $1,800.  If you're like any of us and have champagne taste on a beer budget, we will gladly work through fixtures and finishes to find a style you love within budget.