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How to Clean Fireplace Soot

Winter's begun... and for those of us with wood burning fireplaces, that means there is a very dirty centerpiece in the wall of the living room.

Glass Cleaning

  1. Use your normal household glass cleaner with a side of elbow grease.
  2. If you need a tougher cleaner, use one of our tough cleaners.

It's easiest to clean often!

(If you have a gas stove instead, you should be fine with glass cleaner.)

Brick/Stone Cleaning

  1. Doris, our resident cleaning guru, recommends a smoke-off sponge. You can find this at most hardware stores. Use it dry.
  2. Afterwards, use a masonry brick cleaner, which we carry here at Stover Hearth & Patio.  

If you're in the area of Frederick, MD, be sure to drop in and ask!