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Shopping for Outdoor Furniture

Shopping for outdoor furniture (or anything, really) can get complicated fast, but it doesn't have to. No matter what your style or budget, we believe you should start with this simple question:

Start Here: How do you live in your outdoor space?

Many people start with the look or a style they'd like to achieve. We'd like to recommend a different approach. When you purchase quality outdoor furniture, you are not only making an investment, you are making a commitment. These pieces are built to last; choose furniture that truly fits your lifestyle and you will enjoy it for many years.


Do you entertain? How? Do you really like to eat outside or are you a screened-in-porch-no-bugs-for-me type of diner? Do you have large parties often, or is it really just you and the kids...or the dog? Do you want to take a cat nap on a big cushioned sofa, or do you want to stay cool and dry on a breezy sling chaise? For every style of living there is a perfectly suited type of outdoor furniture; start with how you live and find your perfect match. This leads us to the next big topic:


How much maintenance are you realistically willing to do? Different materials (and looks) require different levels of maintenance. You knew that already though, right? Yet it is a surprisingly overlooked factor in furniture choice. For instance: be sure to know what is required to keep those cushions looking snazzy before you commit to that gigantic white modern upholstered sectional. Just like your car, this furniture is well made but it doesn't clean itself! Learn more about different materials and what it takes to maintain them here. Choose one that fits your lifestyle.

End here: Style.

Once you've determined how you are going to use your outdoor space and how much maintenance you are willing to do, you are ready to find furniture that both fits your needs AND your tastes. Fear not - even if you have the seemingly conflicting desires of low maintenance yet find yourself wanting the comfort of cushion, there is a solution out there. To find your perfect furniture match stop in today and let one of our certified outdoor furniture nerds help answer these questions for you!