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Update: We're doing the best we can

Greetings from the owners, 

We're doing the best we can, though we have a favor to ask you. 

With phase one reopening in effect this past Friday, there has been a wonderful yet overwhelming onslaught of questions, comments, and potential purchases from our customers. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We're overwhelmed with gratitude as so many of you waited for us to purchase items for your patio. 

Please allow us 24 hours for a full response in the shortterm. Because we still are only a small staff each day due to social distancing practices, we cannot get back to the amount of requests as fast as we would like. I promise we are doing our best to provide the same customer service you've come to love. We are not an e-commerce business, and we are only open during business hours. 

I know everyone is stressed, scared, and frankly in need of some fresh air, so all we ask is for a little grace. We'll get over this speed bump and get ready to face the next hurdle mother nature throws at us. 

Best wishes, 
Christie & Chris Stover
and the entire Stover team.