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We're open - Virtually!


Luckily, we have quite a bit of experience working with customers digitally over long distance; we often deliver up to 4 hours away and recently, in an all time record breaking road trip, we made a delivery to Florida for a long time customer!  We often do most of the leg work before the client even steps foot in the store, and some customers choose to skip this step entirely if they are confident enough in their choices. While there is a huge amount of information that is often taken into consideration when putting together an outdoor space, a lot of this can be exchanged and discussed virtually.

Here are some common things we can discuss before you visit the store:

  • Site layout, dimensions, requirements and restrictions.
  • Suggestions on materials and manufacturers based on your lifestyle and desired level of maintenance.
  • Information about your budget, price out options and come up with an estimate.
  • Discuss fabrics and frame colors. We usually like to do this by making short, customized video presentations. We can also have fabric samples shipped directly to your home at no charge.

Fill out our contact for here to contact us via email - contact us with any of the above information at any time and we will gladly assist! If you prefer to reach us by phone, please give us a call at 301-473-7970.

Some other things to consider:

  • Most of our manufacturers have an 8-10 week lead time right now; hopefully by the time we are ready to make your delivery the weather will be wonderful and we will have turned the corner with Corona.
  • Made in America: we are proud to represent several American manufacturers; the quality is excellent, the lead times shorter, and your dollars go further to support our economy.
  • Split payment: When you order furniture from us, you will make an initial deposit of half down, the remaining amount due upon delivery.
  • We have extended our Special Order Sale until April 30th

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And lastly...Thank You

Whether you are a past, present, or future customer, we appreciate you. We are here to make the time you spend with us as wonderful as possible, providing customer service that exceeds expectations, experience and knowledge you can trust, and products that you'll love.

Hang in there during this tough time, and if we can in any way brighten your day, please allow us the honor.