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We're open - Virtually!

PHONE/FACETIME/EMAIL Luckily, we have quite a bit of experience working with customers digitally over long distance; we often deliver up to 4 hours away and recently, in an all time record breaking road trip, we made a delivery to Florida for a long time customer!  We often do most of the leg work before the client even steps foot in the store, and some customers choose to skip this step entirely if they are confident enough in their choices.

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Made in America

We are proud to offer high quality outdoor furniture from several American made manufacturers. We love working with them; from visiting the factories to weekly phone calls about orders, these 5 american made companies consistently raise the bar and win our loyalty and respect. 

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Becky Stover's Cushion Cleaner

After years of experience cleaning and caring for outdoor fabrics, founder Becky Stover has this down to a science. Here is her time tested cleaning method.  

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Shop small with a fun Christmas Video

Stop by this weekend for 25% off all Christmas decor, including pre-lit Christmas trees! In other news, we've finally got real footage documenting what the Christmas ornaments ACTUALLY do when we close those doors and leave each night. Apparently, they play ornament duck-duck-goose. Who knew?!

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Featured Tree: 9' Forest Sierra Fir

Click to watch a quick video our 9’ Forest Sierra Fir, one of the many pre-lit artificial Christmas trees available at Stover’s.

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Fire Pits (Aka Fire Tables)

 Life is just better with a firepit. Summer nights linger, fall evenings feel warmer, guests stay a little longer. The warmth of flickering fire takes the chill off the air. Flames dance hypnotically. Toes can't help but form a circle and wiggle. This is why you need a firepit.

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Featured Set - Nantucket by Lloyd-Flanders

Last week we talked about the Paris, by Kingsley-Bate; a casual seating set made from a synthetic wicker/teak blend. This week, we're going to share with you another type of wicker; Lloyd Loom. This is the OG of all wicker, the granddaddy, the original. They did it first and they've been doing it best ever since. If you want to learn more about the Lloyd loom process and story, check out this (somewhat mesmerizing) short video:

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Outdoor Fabric 101

 With Special Order season rapidly approaching, we thought it might be a good time for a primer in fabric types. There are hundreds of choices available, but not all are created equal. Here's a quick run down on the three most commonly used for outdoor furniture.

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Memorial Day: Closing at 2pm

We are closing early today, at 2pm.  We hope this doesn’t cause you any inconvenience; we’ll be back on tomorrow with normal hours, 10am-6pm. Thanks so much, and we hope you have a lovely weekend with your families and veterans.

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Shopping for Outdoor Furniture

Shopping for outdoor furniture (or anything, really) can get complicated fast, but it doesn't have to. No matter what your style or budget, we believe you should start with this simple question:

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