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Forty Years of Trend Fatigue

We challenged ourselves with “what is new for 2018?”   We talked about many topics, all the new fabrics, all the new materials, but we came back to one central realistic ideal: for us, 2018 is about a stronger sense of place, a sense of community. It begins with where you live.

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Snow Day - Closed Sunday Feb. 4th

Closed for Inclement Weather

Hello everyone!  Although it doesn’t feel like it’s much snow out there, it’s surprisingly slick trying to come in this morning. We’ve decided to stay safe and keep everyone home today.  Get some hot cocoa and cozy up! If you have any questions on current orders, please email us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks so much, and have a lovely day.

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Patio Furniture Sale 2017

Enjoy sale prices on patio furniture throughout the store, and as much as 60% off on select sets. Why are we having a sale? Because we can! Each Summer, we need to sell out of our outdoor furniture in order to make room for our Christmas season. We’re almost there, but we might need a bit more help to find homes for our chaises, sofas, and dining sets. We just received some new items – we’ll be sure to brighten your day.

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Choosing Outdoor Fabric

When you order custom patio furniture, you have many choices. First, you sit in different sets of furniture, learn about the different manufacturers and furniture types, and then choose the furniture that fits you perfectly. Once you’ve chosen your ideal patio furniture, it’s time to chose any remaining customizations, such as frame finishes and fabric.

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Christmas Trees, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday

Hello! We hope you’re having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. While we love the anticipation and excitement of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, we will have our normal hours for the weekend. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

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Accessories Sale

Starting the last week in June, all of our accessories are 20% off. Stop in for outdoor lighting, pillows, outdoor safe bowls and plates, and little bits and bobs that will help light up your evening. We’re sure you’ll find something to suit your backyard, patio, or deck.

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Designing your outdoor space: Bring in a photo!

To find the perfect furniture for you and your family, it helps to have a bit of information about your space. Beyond colors, fabric, and pillows, you need patio sets that complement the use of your space. Here's how to get prepared.

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Outdoor Dining For Two: Bistro tables

Outdoor dining for two is the epitome of a romantic evening. The setting sun and a cool breeze set the perfect backdrop. Patio dining sets help create a small oasis right at home, ready for Sunday brunches, romantic evenings, and anytime coffees or drinks. See two of our favorite options.

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Get your spunky outdoor fabrics!

Our customers have been loving life with fun fabric choices. Check out some recent special order selections.  If you'd like to take a look at the blue wicker sofa - come inside and take a peek.  It's a synthetic wicker patio set from Lane Venture. (And those aren't beach balls - they're pillows!)  We told you it was spunky.

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Ordering Outdoor Replacement Cushions

When ordering replacement cushions for your patio furniture, there are many sizes, shapes, fabrics, and fills. Here's how we can help. When measuring, remember that your cushions used to be much fatter than they are now.

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