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What's with the Lucky Hearth Cricket?

No one is precisely certain how or where the story of the lucky hearth cricket originates, but the evolution of the oral tradition is fairly clear. In many cultures, crickets are sacred creatures, because they signaled for noise or danger.  When everything is normal, the crickets boastfully chirp and chat. When crickets sense danger, they fall silent.

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How to Clean Fireplace Soot

Winter's begun... and for those of us with wood burning fireplaces, that means there is a very dirty centerpiece in the wall of the living room. It’s easiest to clean often! (If you have a gas stove instead, you should be fine with glass cleaner.)

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Small Business Saturday 2014

In honor of Small Business Saturday, we're offering 30% off on ALL Christmas decorations! And yes! We are an approved American Express Small Business location. When you're finishing browsing for Christmas Trees, stop by Garden Pastimes around back for all the trimmings. What else do you need from a Christmas shop in Frederick? See you soon!

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4 Reasons to love the Valhalla Teak Table

Set it and forget it. Teak's high oil content means that it's rot resistant, bug resistant, extremely solid and strong. The table is pretreated with a vigorous protectant solution, so you don't have to worry about spills (like ketchup from your burger or old bay from a crab feast).

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The Tent Event 2014 (Really Big Sale)

We have two big party tents with lots of discounted furniture in them. It can all be yours for a ridiculously marked down price (at least 50% off)! Find pieces that you never knew you wanted, at incredible quality that you never expected to find so cheap.

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Great News from Frederick’s Home Show

A great "Thank you!" to Frederick's Home Builder's Association for a wonderful Home Show weekend.  We enjoyed hearing about everyone's patio projects and sharing in the excitement. (Everybody's ready for Spring!)

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Why You Need a Fornetto Smoker

Introducing the Outdoor Wood Fired Oven and Smoker! The Fornetto Smoker and Oven removes the inefficiency and variability of outdoor ovens. You can easily control and monitor temperature and smoke in a self contained stainless steel oven.

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Why Lloyd/Flanders Partnered with NMU Design

The furniture industry needs a mid-life crisis.  For a personal anecdote, I went to my first furniture factory tour when I was nine. It's nearly twenty years later, and at trade shows I see the exact people I did then.  Generally, this is a good thing.

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Buying a Fireplace Door

Custom Glass Doors are made to order, some are even handmade in the U.S.A. and Canada. Each of our brands has it's own set of finishes and fixtures, so be ready to spend a little time to nail down a favorite.

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Closeout Sale 2013

This year's Closeout Sale has begun! Why are we having a close out sale on patio furniture? Because we sell both outdoor furniture and hearth items, demand for our products often depends on the weather. Since it's getting colder, we need to make more room for our fireplace doors, hearth screens, and tool sets!  Enjoy!

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