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Our Story

Stover Hearth & Patio is a family owned and operated patio furniture store in Frederick, Maryland. Our showroom is designed to make you feel at home, so you can explore and discover the furniture and accessories that are right for you.

We have strong relationships with our suppliers, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best furniture for your money. While we still offer some of the name brands we carried in 1978, we routinely search for new companies that offer long-lasting products with an affordable price tag.

Classic Rattan & Henry Link – circa 1980

Although patio furniture is the majority of our business, we also carry custom fireplace doors, hearth supplies, and holiday accessories. We show various door styles throughout the year and expand our stock of fireplace tools during the winter months. Artificial Christmas Trees are our newest addition, having been nearly 15 years since our last Christmas shop.  Visit our sister store, Garden Pastimes, for complete Christmas gifts.

Winston – circa 1980Although Stover Hearth & Patio is now known for “patio” more than “hearth,” we stay true to the initial idea that sparked our success by taking care of two parts of the home that often remain unfinished.

In the 1970’s, local brick mason Joe Stover noticed that Frederick residents did not have easy access to attractive fireplace doors and tools. Even after laying brick for the fireplaces, the focal point of the home still remained unfinished.

In 1978, Joe built an office to showcase his brickwork. His wife, Becky, began selling fireplace doors, woodstoves, and fireplace tools out of the front room. The need to sustain the business through the summer months, coupled with Becky’s passion for design, led her to start selling patio furniture. She started with products from two companies – Classic Rattan and Winston – both of which Stover’s proudly carries to this day.