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Our Staff

Chris & Christie Stover

CFO, COO, Delivery Driver, Designer, Fixer-uppers, all around dynamic duo

Chris started working full time when he was 19 years old and taking a business course, and in that same business course he met his future wife and business partner, Christie. Like any good business partnership, Chris & Christie fulfill each other's strengths and weaknesses. He handles the back-of-house with finance, warehouse, and delivery logistics, and she handles the front-of-house customer experience and furniture design. For our Stover's customers, this combination results in a joyful environment to explore exquisite patio and fireplace products, tested by years of industry experience. 

Fun Fact: Legend has it, Chris asked her on a first date by saying, "I'm gonna deliver a sofa to Leesburg tomorrow, wanna come with me?" Smooth moves, I guess?

Casey Borg

With Stover's since 2013

Casey's attention to fine design guides our customers' style and furniture setting. She came into the furniture business by working part-time at Christie's gift-shop landmark, Garden Pastimes. If you have any interest in a custom design, she'll guide you through fabrics, finishes, and frames to make sure you find the best furniture for your space. It's much more than a piece of furniture for her - it's a piece of your home.

Fun Fact: Casey is bringing a formerly-sad little house back to life, on Main Street, Boonsboro. If you want to get off topic, just ask her about house demo & ripping out 10-year old weeds. 

Joey Borg

With Stover's since 2003

An accomplished artist in her own right, Joey's creative vision helps customers choose the right details in order to create their intended design vision.  Joey started at Stover's after serving as Creative Officer at Garden Pastimes, helping Christie create it into a local landmark. Because she has experience of purchasing products for Garden Pastimes, Joey easily transitions between personal patios and commercial buys.

Fun Fact: Tirelessly tackling new hobbies, she and her husband recently took up kayaking and squirrel hunting. You heard that right (though maybe they don't do it at the same time...?) 

Sabrina Summers

With Stover's since 2014

After commuting to Bethesda for eight years, Sabrina ditched rush hour and joined the Stover & Garden Pastimes crew.  Her experience in event planning developed her appreciation of design, and it prepared her for the sometimes complex, logistic coordination of special orders.

Fun Fact: Sabrina and her siblings are continuing their family tradition of farming, so she's normally working even harder on her days off. Interested in local, sustainably farm-raised, delicious sausages and pork products? Look no further:

Chase Nichols

With Stover's since 2019

Chase's natural empathy allows our customers to feel comfortable in our showroom. With experience in metal work and carpentry, he has a keen eye for design, and can attest to the technical construction for patio and fireplace pieces. We're happy to welcome him to our customer team.

Fun Fact: If you hear any live music coming from the warehouse after closing time...don't worry, it's just Chase practicing guitar! 

Ryan Lucia

With Stover's since 2019

A warehouse and delivery official, Ryan fulfills one of the most essential roles at Stover's, because he makes sure your product arrives safely at your house. Alongside Chris, he ensures that we receive furniture in perfect quality, and then delivers it to your patio.

Fun Fact: He's probably heard Chris say this more often than anyone else at Stover's, "oow, my knees."

Katie Stover

unofficially with Stover's since she could answer a phone

Technically, Katie hasn't been regularly "on staff" since 2012, after pursuing a a career in marketing. Of course, she still wants to be invited to Sunday dinner, so she provides the marketing direction alongside her own business, the strategic marketing company, Wimbly Stoke. You can catch her at the store on Fridays and the occasional weekend. 

Fun factI wrote all these bios! If I'm truly honest, these people are my family, and I love it.