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Due to current safety concerns related to Covid-19, we ask that everyone wear a mask upon entry, and we offer hand sanitizer before and after your visit. 

We ask that you respect these policies for the safety of our other customers and staff. 

You can drop by during business hours, or: 

  • Visit: our in-stock gallery 

  • Contact: Send us an email or call 301-473-7970, and mention what types of styles you like, and what sorts of furniture you’d like.

  • Drop by during open hours, or book an appointment, or complete your purchase over the phone call.

  • No-touch Delivery: We handle delivery ourselves, directly to your patio or deck. After years of experience with high-end furniture, we keep our truck and warehouse very clean. Before, it was to maintain the quality of your furniture, though now it’s also for the safety of our families.  


Thank you!